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According to the recent report published by future market insights the number of VoIP users has been estimated to increase by £144.7 billion around 2020.This drastic growth of VoIP services is driven by technological advancements and with the establishment of many small and large business services. As per the report, the United Kingdom is the leader of VoIP services in Europe when considering the number of hosted VoIP users. The number of queries related to VoIP services in UK on web are increasing day by day. These stats says that, its the right to build a VoIP telecom brand in UK. There might be resellers who still step back from this oppurtunity. The only two reasons for this is that either they think that the market figures are wrong or they believe that VoIP businesses are not worth the effort.

Here we provide you with the stats based on web searches for Business VoIP services in UK and other related queries. As per google web search statistics an average monthly search of 590 occurs for the keyword " VoIP providers UK" , 320 for keyword "VoIP phones UK" and the count is distributed over other queries such as "VoIP phones UK", Business VoIP providers UK", UK VoIP and so on. Another aspect that assures your VoIP brand to succeed is that you can target your brand with searches from each counties in UK, as the VoIP buyers also search for the keywords including their county name like "VoIP Nottingham","voip phone system bournemouth","voip blackpool","voip peterborough",voip sheffield and so on.That is , if your a VoIP reseller based in Nottingham then, you could target all the searches for "VoIP Nottingham" and get the sales move on. But this could happen only if you own a Website and you should have a strong online presence to attract your customers. We at menetalk offer you with our reseller platform on your brand name and will assist you in building a strong online presence with our unbeatable digital strategies ensuring your sales.

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