Business VoIP Buyers Guide in 2019: How to choose the best VoIP provider for Business?

VoIP phone systems is a fast growing business nowadays. With the emergence of many VoIP service providers, the buyers or Company's finds it difficult to choose the best among them. Here we list out some tips and features to be considered before choosing a business VoIP system for your firm.

1. Plan and pricing: Let us start with the most important aspect: cost. Cost should not be the first priority when choosing the right business VoIP provider. You should consider your need and compare it with various features served by leading VoIP providers. With high competition between VoIP providers, the price difference may vary by onl few dollars. So always choose the VoIP provider with features and plans that best suits your business type. Get into more details on our plans and pricing at:

2. Service and customer support : The most important criterion to be taken into consideration while choosing your business VoIP provider is to have a good quality and reliable service. Make sure that the VoIP provider can provide you with support whenever needed. If you are an international business with round-the-clock needs, you should find a VoIP provider who could guarantee that your queries will be answered immediately. We at menetalk ensure complete customer support, good quality and reliable VoIP services.

3. Custom Mobile Apps : Always choose a VoIP provider who can serve you with custom mobile apps. Your workforce maybe on the go atleast some of the times, and a custom VoIP mobile app could serve them at those times. We at menetalk offer custom mobile apps both for android and iOS.

4. Call Management : Choose a VoIP provider that can manage a huge volume of calls to your service deskphone. Here comes the importance of the feature call queuing where the VoIP system intelligently distribute calls between different extensions and makes sure that not even a single call is left unattented. Learn more on our features at:

5. Security :Security is a must for every VoIP services that is connected with your business. Choose VoIP services that ensures end-to-end data encryption. Make sure that the VoIP providers you choose posses business grade security features.

6. Features: A business VoIP provider should ensure to serve with the basic features such as call monitoring, Hardware Integration, Call routes and forwarding, call queues, conference bridge, Voice mail and many more.

We at menetalk offer all the features needed for a business to ensure easy workflow and team management. Get in touch with us to partner with the best business VoIP provider in UK.

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