Coronavirus Outbreak : Business VoIP providers UK makes working from home a Cinch!!!

The coronavirus outbreak has led to a complete lockdown all over the world. As such businesses and other industries are fully on a shutdown promoting employees to work from home. Let see the different ways with which VoIP makes work from home an easy task.

VoIP lets to work from anywhere!

One of the biggest benefits of VoIP when working from home is that all the functionalities that you use to perform in-office can be done at home. You must need a pc, laptop, and good internet connection to use VoIP services. Depending on the tasks performed one can customize the features of your VoIP system. Business VoIP providers also come with many advanced features to easily collaborate employees working remotely with group calls, video conference calls and more.

How business VoIP providers make work from home possible?

With the rise of business phone systems employees can move on with their assigned tasks regardless of their location. There are several features of VoIP providers that enable employees to easily work and collaborate with team members even if they are working from different locations. Let's have a look into some of them.

Conference Calls

Most of the business VoIP providers UK include conference calls in their plans. Conference calls can be audio or a combination of audio and video calls. Employees can convert calls to conference calls and even set up team meetings virtually with 5 to 20 participants at a time. Conference calling makes it easy for employees to collaborate with team members who are separated by distances.

Innovative Call Handling

Business VoIP providers enable a number of innovative call handling features on hold, call transfer and ring groups and more. VoIP providers ensure that you won't miss a single call to your office. If one extension is busy or unattended the call will be automatically forwarded to another extension and so on. You can also get all the incoming call analytics and even record calls for later verifications.

Partnering with a business VoIP provider brings you great benefits in cases of working from home. You can get the whole set up in just minutes and start working with your team more effectively. You don't have to pay any extra bugs to avail of different features. Once you select the package that best suits your requirement you can move on with that. Being the leading business VoIP providers UK, menetalk provides all advanced VoIP features in our unified communication system. Get in touch with us to make your work from home a Cinch!!!

Business VoIP providers UK works from home easier than ever before!