Essential functions your business phones need.

The world of telecommunication is in a state of change. Some of them are large changes that influence the business flows while others are incremental changes that enhance the productivity of employees. The productivity of employees are influenced by changing from traditional phones to modern VoIP systems.

The growing demand for business VoIP systems and switching from analog phone lines is forcing phone operators to compete for customers. This makes a great time for businesses to switch from traditional phone lines to business phone systems. When a business upgrade to VoIP, all major infrastructural changes are hidden from the end-users. A huge difference that they will see is a new business phone on their desk. Before moving to VoIP business phones take a moment to evaluate how you run your current business calls.

Evaluate how your business handle calls.

  • One-to-one calls between employees and customers.

  • Group calls between employees and partners.

  • International calls.

  • Incoming calls during work hours and holidays.

By partnering with VoIP providers you can also conduct video chat and instant messaging within the same system.

Essential functions needed by business VoIP phones.

Conferencing – Audio and Video

It's very essential to invest in a few models of business phone systems that support group calls and conferencing. As audio and video meetings have become the alternative to lengthy meetings employing a business phone with such features has become the basic necessity. They are specifically designed to be used with multiple users, wired and wireless headsets, etc.

Call Forwarding

If your business needs to redirect inbound calls during certain times to other employees call forwarding option is very useful. It ensures that callers are mostly able to speak to a person instead of being redirected to voicemail. These features are generally supported by most of the business VoIP providers but your phones should also have dedicated one-touch buttons for better user experience.

Muting Microphone and Headset Support

Connectivity options are another important feature you should check on every business phone that you purchase. At the very least, your phones should be able to support standard Bluetooth headsets. Some models can handle multiple headsets at the same time while others support only one. The ability to mute the microphone is also a vital function to be added.

These are just a few of the essential functions that most businesses need in VoIP phones. You may also need more specific features depending on the results of your evaluation.

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