How business VoIP providers benefit schools and colleges with a cloud-based phone system.

Nowadays more and more of the educational institutions and academies like schools, colleges, universities are switching from traditional phone systems to cloud-based phone systems. The main factors that drive for this switching are easy installation, low maintenance and operating cost associated with business phone systems. Have a read on how business VoIP providers benefit schools and colleges.

Scalable, no contract, cost Effective.

All educational institutions like schools, colleges are switching from their old phone systems to a cloud-based phone system. VoIP phone systems come with low costs and smart functionalities such as call routing, call forwarding. Business phone systems are easily manageable and integrate with all devices and tools. With a dedicated cloud-hosted phone system, the school authorities could get a well-disciplined internal IT system.

Highly reliable

With cloud-based phone systems no more calls get dropped. A departmental call can be set up in minutes and new extensions can be created in minutes. As cloud-based phone systems lack hardware and complex installation process, they can be easily set up in no time.

Flexibility and efficiency

Business phone systems ensure the flexibility of the staff. Staff is not restricted to a physical workplace since they can be accessed from both handsets and laptops. Departmental heads can be always in touch with staff even though they are on the move. The VoIP softphone services can be managed by all staff members of the school.

Low-cost subscription-based billing.

With cloud-hosted phone systems, institutions can slash down their monthly phone bills to more than 50%. They can also provide flexibility to staff members to choose a VoIP phone or softphone for communications. You could enjoy all the advanced features of a business phone system at the same monthly subscription rates.

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