How VoIP enhances customer service

Customer service is one of the key priorities of businesses today. This has led to the maximum usage of all possible communication channels. Calls are one such channel that businesses highly make use of. Studies point that over 60% of customers prefer to phone their companies.

Further, VoIP phone services are increasingly being used in place of landlines. It has turned into a vital tool that can improve customer service.

Effective customer interaction

Firstly, VoIP services give true value to customers through features like call analytics. It gives an overall idea about the customer. This lets the customer support team effectively handle each customer. This in turn helps in increasing sales chances. It also reduces the average handle time.

Efficient call handling

VoIP service is not only perfect for handling customer calls but is beneficial to the business team as well. The cloud-based system enables the easy integration of different business applications. Hence, it gets rid of the problem of switching between different communication channels.

Moreover, VoIP system lets the team communicate with clients at any preferred location. They don’t have to stick to the typical desk phone but can use their own devices. This gives way to greater productivity as well.

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