Menetalk, Let’s cut down your phone bills.

We are the one of the best VoIP providers UK who provide you service gives you everything a traditional phone service does, with additional flexibility to work remotely as well as save money on hardware and maintenance and cost on installation. We manage all your incoming and outgoing calls and gives you access to in depth call records and monitor our effectively your business is communicating and make changes.

Main advantages of our VoIP system

Easy installation:

The installation VoIP telephony on your machine is simple and quick and can have more than one numbers on your machine. You will have a painless installation process, and have a seamless communication.

Reduces Cost

VoIP telephony reduces your cost of telephone bills for both domestic and international calls compared to traditional phones. For each call it cost you only half or less the traditional calls which will save your wallet so called its wallet friendly.

Added Flexibility

Menetalk, VoIP telephony system allows to record, route, transfer your calls and manage all your inbound and outbound calls. You can even schedule your calls around your business working hours. Adding number of extensions is now simple with VoIP telephony system, all businesses say it is more flexible than the traditional telephony system.

Fully Secure

Our VoIP system is more secure method of making calls than using a traditional analogue telephone system. This cloud telephony system has standardised encryption protocols that make your calls and data more secure than ever before.


Our VoIP system is fully scalable and can expand with your business as and when required. It can be added to new machines without much delay.

Always Connected

No matter the location and the distance, these factors will not affect our VoIP system. Whether you call within the country or other countries of the World, if you have an internet connection then the communication is possible. Telephone hardware’s are not required for these telephony system so need to carry them, just your laptop or personal computer with an internet is enough for VoIP telephony.

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Why are cloud-hosted business phone systems favorite for every organization?