Need for VoIP Extensions in Business.

Virtual phone numbers are a unique feature of the business VoIP providers. Virtual numbers can be implemented by businesses in many number of ways that could benefit the mobile workforce and also gives a professional image for businesses. With virtual numbers employees can make or receive business calls in their personal devices if they are not physically present in the office.

What is a VoIP extension?

A VoIP extension is a phone number that is not connected with a particular device or desk phone. They are numbers that forward incoming calls to another number that may be connected to a mobile phone, or any particular device. With virtual numbers, users can direct the calls to specific destinations depending on the time of the day and other internal business factors.

Most of the business VoIP providers allow playing recorded or customized greetings. One can change the type of greetings based on working hours and holidays. The virtual assistant feature can be turned ON and OFF depending on the requirement. The virtual assistant system is not a new one in the industry, but now more businesses have the opportunity to employ a virtual assistant, thus avoiding

Benefits of using virtual extensions from VoIP providers UK

Virtual extensions benefit businesses the most who are entering into a brand new market. If you are expanding your business to a new city, state or country virtual phone numbers and virtual extensions can highly benefit you. A business can get a number with local area code to gain a local presence. Customers feel more trustworthy to attend calls from local numbers than from unrecognized ones.

Virtual extensions highly benefit employees who work remotely from other locations and countries. Business owners can easily manage their employees, track the calls and get daily statistics. Virtual numbers can also act as after-hour support in many ways. Businesses can set up customized IVR for customer support even after office hours. You don’t have to set up a dedicated contact center to replicate specific features, especially if you run a small business with only a handful of workers. Your chosen business VoIP providers can do much more than that!

Setting up a business phone system for your business is pretty much easy than traditional phone lines. VoIP providers come out with lower call rates and costs and apart from that VoIP systems can be set up in just a couple of minutes. One can add virtual phone numbers anytime as per requirements, at the same time remove the numbers from the system when you no longer need them.

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How do business VoIP providers help to customize your VoIP systems?