The most effective way to make international calls from USA.

Communication is a crucial part of all business transactions. A good communication system plays a vital part in the success of a business organization. With the continuous evolution of new communication platforms, they have become a mandatory tool for business communications. With the establishment of VoIP technology and VoIP communication systems, business organizations across the world have started to manage their office communications effectively. Apart from traditional telephone lines, VoIP makes use of the internet to make and receive calls. In cases when you are traveling to US and have to make international calls or you are a citizen of US and have to make an international call, the use of a Virtual number will be of great benefit.

Making International calls from USA using Virtual Numbers.

You can easily purchase a Virtual number of any area code from menetalk, the best business VoIP provider in UK. To make it some more clear, if you run a business in US and you have clients in UK then you can easily get a UK virtual number or UK DID number from a leading business VoIP provider. With a UK DID number, you can easily contact your clients and they think that the call is made from a local business in UK. Likewise, you can get Virtual numbers or DID numbers of any country and specific area codes. Thus you can create a local presence for your business even though your business is in a specific location.

How to get a Virtual phone number?

menetalk, the leading business VoIP providers UK provide toll-free numbers and Virtual numbers over 50+ countries. Menetalk is also available as a mobile app and desktop softphone so that you can carry your business wherever you go. Follow the below-given steps to get a virtual number.

Get your virtual phone number in simple steps.

  • 1. Sign up with menetalk.

  • 2. Go to the DID numbers page on the menu.
  • 3. Select the country you want to get the DID number for, select specific area code.
  • 4. After selecting the number, proceed to make the payment

Howdy!!! Now you are all set for making calls to the desired location. 
To add to your knowledge, business VoIP providers UK comes with many advanced features. Here we list some of them:

Features provided by business VoIP providers UK

Most of the business VoIP providers UK providers ensure that all the datas shared are completely secure. To have a perfect communication system, it is vital to maintain certain levels of security and privacy. Managers can put in passwords at any levels so that to only authorized employees can only access the datas to assure complete security.

1. Get a local presence.

You can get a local presence with a DID number even though your business is located in another country. You can expand your business globally by getting DID numbers of desired countries.


If you are traveling or you are in a place where internet access is poor, then your clients can leave a voice mail to your number. You can access the voicemail from anywhere at any time.

3.Connect with your team.

Business VoIP providers serve as a feature that allows team collaboration. One can easily connect with the team members and even have video conferencing. Business VoIP systems can easily collaborate with existing business tools.

4. Call Transfer.

The call transfer feature enables to redirect customer calls to the right representatives at the instant. This feature increases customer satisfaction.

5.Compatible with all platforms.

Menetalk is compatible with all major platforms. You can access your business communication in any device and platform.

If you are the one looking for DID numbers or Virtual numbers, get one by signing up with menetalk- the best business VoIP providers UK.

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