Top Features of Mobile VoIP App

If you are planning to start a new business that keeps you travel or your business requires employees to work from home or a remote area, having a business phone solution that needs to connect you and your employees and communicate from anywhere and anytime is critical. Mobile VoIP apps offer a significant way for your businesses and employees to stay connected wherever they go, even if they’re miles away from their work station. By installing mobile VoIP app on smartphone or mobile device, users can transform their mobile device into a professional business phone system with access to all of the features which is available in a business VoIP phone system. Here are the three top features of mobile VoIP app:

Call and SMS Using Your Business Phone Number

By using their own device for work may make it possible for users to keep their personal and business phone in the same place. Also with a mobile VoIP app, users can send and receive calls, text messages, and faxes using their business phone number instead of their personal phone number. This will help them to protect their privacy while projecting business details and professional image at the same time.

Video Meetings

Are you struggling to attend an important meeting in the office due to personal reasons? Simply download the mobile VoIP app and access your mobile VoIP app via your mobile device and you can instantly be present and participate in the meeting with your colleagues no matter where you are.

Presence Monitoring

This feature indicates whether your employees are available, away, or on an active call. If you are managing a team of support agents based in different areas or if you are stepping away from the office for an hour, this feature will be helpful in tracking the phone number status of your employees in real-time.

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