Uses of a virtual assistant feature provided by business VoIP providers.

One of the most useful features provided by the business VoIP providers in the virtual assistant. Its also called an auto-attendant or digital receptionist, which is used by companies to get a professional touch. With a virtual assistant system, one can ensure that any incoming client calls are directed to the right departments and resources. Virtual assistants can save time and increase productivity even if your company has a high strength of employees.

How do a Virtual Assistant works?

With a virtual assistant feature from business VoIP providers UK, you can easily handle the incoming calls. The whole directory can be programmed with options to easily handle incoming calls. All the incoming calls will be redirected to the right resources and departments like voice mails and specific extensions.

Most of the business VoIP providers allow playing recorded or customized greetings. One can change the type of greetings based on working hours and holidays. The virtual assistant feature can be turned ON and OFF depending on the requirement. The virtual assistant system is not a new one in the industry, but now more businesses have the opportunity to employ a virtual assistant, thus avoiding

Saves time by redirecting to the right departments

People try to contact your business for various reasons. They may contact you for technical support, product feedback, etc. Others may have to contact your marketing department. Some of these calls need staff to answer the calls. But there are other queries with simple solutions that will be directed by the auto attendant to the right departments for more details. For example bank account balance, booking order status, etc.

Advanced rules for routing calls.

With an auto-attendant feature from business VoIP providers, one a create advanced rules for directing a specific section of callers using caller ID. So a customer calling a specific number could hear a specific message than a supplier. One can also set a certain type of greeting or message which is different from that of the general business call.

The large volume of sophisticated rules helps to manage the large volume of calls. One can streamline the workflow and make sure that no incoming calls are left unanswered.

These are the benefits of using the virtual assistant feature of business VoIP providers UK. Your employees don't have to waste their quality time answering these simple queries from customers. You don't have to pay extra for virtual assistant feature. You can get all the features in your selected package from your chosen business VoIP providers UK.

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