VoIP UK vs Landline

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and landline systems are the two main options for businesses while choosing a phone system. Though both have its merits and demerits, more businesses are making a switch to VoIP systems. Research shows that VoIP service is expected to reach $194.5 Billion by the end of 2024. This data points to the growing demand for the service.

A VoIP system uses the internet to make calls instead of depending on the traditional phone lines. Calls can be made through mobiles, computers, or even normal telephones. A landline, on the other hand, uses wires to transmit signals.

Also, VoIP has advanced features like conference calls, call transfer, three-digit dialing, and so on.

Cost, reliability, and mobility are the other major factors for consideration.


This is the major highlight of VoIP over landlines. VoIP lets you make international calls at a minimum rate. This is because it uses the internet. Moreover, the setup and maintenance charges are much lower than landlines. With VoIP, one can make unlimited calls which are not possible with landlines.


The key requirement for VoIP service is a consistent internet connection. This is one area where landlines enjoy a greater benefit than VoIP. However, the entry of 4G and 5G connections have bridged this gap.


The mobility feature of VoIP services is especially beneficial for the remote business team. Employees are not tied to the desk phone anymore. They have the freedom to make calls through their own mobiles and that too from any location. Moreover, VoIP phone system can easily integrate different features. And, it does not demand a high price as well.

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How VoIP enhances customer service