What is a UK DID number?

DID (Direct Inward Dialing ) numbers are virtual phone numbers that allow one to route calls to existing telephone lines. A single UK DID number can allow to route calls to an existing telephone line. With DID numbers one can route and process any number of calls to proper extensions at the anytime from anywhere. With a single UK DID number, a business organization can route any number of calls to extensions.

Getting a UK DID number would be a great start for business industries trying to set up a virtual office in the country. It's much easier to set up a virtual office with UK DID number than a physical communication system. The solution is to get a UK DID number from menetalk. By employing a UK DID number one can be readily available for your customers no matter which part of the world you are located. Business industries can choose UK DID numbers based on their area codes. They can buy a UK virtual number or buy a UK 800 toll-free number with codes such as London, Norwich, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manachester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Plymouth, Edinsburgh etc.

We are the leading providers of UK DID numbers with 70+ countries DID numbers and over 3000+ locations. We serve UK DID numbers for small and large enterprises in United Kingdom. One can set up the entire process within minutes. The UK DID numbers are easily available in our website, you can enjoy our services in any type of devices including smartphones ,tablets, desktops etc.

Get UK DID numbers with area codes

menetalk covers UK DID numbers for all major area codes. One can choose the virtual number that best suits business needs. Once a DID number is choosed, later all incoming calls to that particular number will be directed to your landline or mobile phone. This means that you can easily manage your business calls from anywhere in the world.

Local UK phone numbers

With menetalk DID numbers you need not had to have a physical location for your business to buy a local phone number. One can have a Virtual business in any locations with DID numbers. In addition to this these local virtual numbers comes with many professional features for hassle free business communication and to collaborate team members.

Toll free Numbers

A UK toll free number helps customers to contact the business support team at anytime in no cost. A UK toll free number helps one to establish business presence in any city or area where they wish to win in business.

Port existing number

With menetalk you never have to fear in losing your contacts even if you change your service provider. At menetalk we make sure that you wont lose any of your business traffics even if you change your business number.

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