Why you should choose the best business VoIP provider in UK for your IVR system?

Today, businesses make use of personalized communication for a positive customer experience. This in turn makes the customer impressed and valued. There are various tools now available to offer this type of interaction. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one among them.

IVR is an automated business phone system feature to handle incoming phone calls. It interacts with callers and directs them to the correct departments based on their answers. In other words, it lets callers interact with computer with the help of dial pad buttons or speech recognition. The choices made by the caller will then decide the actions of IVR. It can either provide information through a recorded message, dynamic audio, or direct the caller to concerned agent.

This system offers several merits to companies and their customers:

Greater customer service

Customers usually do not prefer waiting on hold for too long. IVR automatically transfers calls to the right agent or department quickly. At some instances, your customers don’t even have to speak to an agent. The recorded message will be enough to clarify their concern. Hence, IVR leaves a lasting impression on the customer. Moreover, customers feel that their valuable time has not been lost while dealing with you.

Increased team productivity

IVR certainly eases the job of agents. It is the best tool to handle high volume of inbound calls. A well set up IVR can decrease the number of calls handled by agents. Agents need to handle only complex queries. As a result, it reduces the stress of agents and increases their productivity.

24x7 availability

IVR feature is not dependent on the human team. Once set up, it will continue to function. As a result, it ensures round-the-clock customer service. Customers can contact the company even in the wee hours of the day and there will be a recorded message to greet them.

Why you should choose the leading business VoIP provider in UK?

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