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10 Ways a Business Phone Number Can Help Your Small Business

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You may need more than a personal phone number to handle your growing business. A type of small/large business phone number eliminates some time and stress involved in keeping your personal and work numbers separate. It also gives you professional credibility and makes it easier for customers to contact you while keeping your private life — and all the personal numbers and contacts that go with it — private.

A business phone number:

  • Makes it easier for customers to find your company 
  • Gives you professional credibility 
  • Increases brand recognition 
  • Eliminates some time spent separating business contacts from personal ones 
  • Allows you to keep your personal life separate 
  • Is easier for customers to remember 
  • Eliminates long, complicated phone number lists 
  • Gives you access to special features that personal numbers don’t offer 

You may be able to keep your existing home or cell phone plan with a business line. Some companies charge extra for these services, while others allow you to use your existing plan, but require a deposit.

1. Make Your Business Easier to Find 

Having a business phone number in addition to a personal one makes it easier for customers and potential clients to find you online and through directory assistance. When customers can easily locate your business information, they are more likely to contact you when they need your services. 

2. Give Your Small Business Credibility 

Having a business phone number gives your business credibility because you are able to display it on your website, print materials, and anywhere else your customers might see it. When customers who don’t know you personally can easily find out how to contact you, they trust you more because it appears as though you are more reliable.

3. Increase Brand Recognition 

When a business phone number is attached to a specific location, it allows customers and potential clients to locate your brand anywhere in the world. This gives you a wider reach and makes your company seem larger than it truly is. The bigger your audience, the easier it is to find new customers.

4. Eliminate Some Time Separating Business Contacts from Personal Ones 

Separating your business contacts from your personal ones can take time, especially if you have a busy professional life. When you have a separate phone number for both, you are able to keep them separate without spending hours inputting the contact information into your phone.

5. Gives You Professional Credibility 

A business phone number allows you to give potential clients and customers the impression that your company is professional and polished. When you can display a business number on your website, in addition to a personal one, it sends the message that you value credibility and professionalism.

6. Eases the Process of Contact 

When you have a business phone number, it eliminates some of the time you would spend calling around trying to find contact information for your client base. When customers already know how to reach you, they will be more likely to contact you when they need your services.

7. Allows You to Keep Your Personal Life Private 

Many business phone lines are separate from personal ones, which means that when customers call your business line, they won’t be able to contact you in any other way. This allows you to keep your private life for yourself and protects against possible privacy issues.

8. Is Easier for Customers to Remember 

When you have a business phone number, it is easier for customers to call you because they know how to say your number. A business line also makes your company seem more formal and larger in scale than a personal number does.

9. Eliminates Long, Complicated Phone Number Lists 

When you have a business phone number, the information is stored in your phone’s memory. This makes it easier for you to access the business information whenever you need it. In addition, your clients can also store your number in their cell phones so they never have to memorize complicated numbers again.

10. Gives You Access to Special Features

Having a separate business line gives you access to special features that are not available to your personal number. For example, business phone lines may come with Voice Mail or Caller ID.

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