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600 UK minutes
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  • No.of Extensions
  • Phone Numbers

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Features of Cloud hosted business phone system

Call Transfer

Call transfer feature in cloud hosted business phone systems enables to redirect a customer call from a phone number to another team member.

Conference calls

This feature is used to convert a two way phone call into group calls by adding more users.

Call queuing

This feature helps to place an incoming call on queue when the concerned person is on call with another customer.

Team collaboration

Helps to manage all customer calls, agents and team members with a centralized management system.

Call analytics

With call analytics one can monitor telephone support through various parameters.

On Hold music

Cusomized music for callers when they are on hold.

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What is a VoIP business phone system?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol.It's a modern technology to handle business communications over internet.Morover, VoIP allows businesses to make international calls at very low costs.With business VoIP providers UK , industries whether small or large can make calls to other physical offices and international clients at low call rates.

VoIP technology is adopted by all major business industries for many reasons like low cost, advanced features, reliability and flexibility.If you run a business anywhere in the world, being the leading business VoIP providers UK menetalk can help your business to enhance productivity and business communications with our feature-rich VoIP services.

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