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Advantages of Adopting Cloud Hosted Telephony beyond Enabling Remote Work

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Since Jan 2020, businesses have rapidly adopted a cloud-hosted telephony system to enable remote work. When customer-facing teams can no longer come to the office, organizations needed a solution that can enable them to receive calls on their desk phone or mobile devices at home with high security and efficiency. Cloud-hosted telephony system met this need.

Also, this is only the most important basic function that this cloud-hosted technology can perform. Here are the main advantages of adopting cloud telephony beyond enabling remote work:

More than just calls

A cloud-hosted telephony system can support marketing initiatives beyond calls. This advanced technology lets you set up missed call campaigns and SMS marketing, which have proved to be popular engagement tools in the UK. Also, it supports paid advertising with the channel or campaign-specific virtual numbers, which you can use to measure your business performance.

Quality communication, at scale

Whether you’re a small business, business-start-ups, or a global MNC, you can leverage a cloud-hosted telephony system to deliver high voice quality and reduced delay. As your organization scales, there is no need to buy ‘bigger’ infrastructure as the cloud-hosted platform can easily be scaled to accommodate any number of business agents.

Increased productivity

• It saves employee time
• It ensures timely activity
• Improve conversion rates
• It automates repetitive processes

Better data security

When you use Menetalk, all calls are made through a virtual number. Our number-masking system ensures that even your organization’s own staff will not have access to your customer’s data, protecting their privacy.

Better visibility into day-to-day operations

Cloud-hosted telephony system automatically captures operational data such as call volumes, channels of inbound calls, the timing of calls, response times of agents, duration of calls, the average number of calls each employee makes, etc., in addition to recording all calls.

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