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Boost Your Client Interaction with a New Phone System

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A modern, powerful business phone system is the foundation on which your first impression is built.

At face value, selecting a new phone system may seem like just another way to cut costs or improve efficiency in the office, but small changes can have huge impacts when it comes to client interactions. It’s vital that you are accessible and responsive to your clients on a regular basis. A new phone system will give you and your team the power, flexibility and reliability to build stronger client relationships and deliver stronger business outcomes.

A modern fully-featured phone system should include all of the following features:

1 – Real Time Visual Voicemail: Eliminating voicemails forces callers to leave messages that don’t provide all the information you need. A new phone system with real time visual voicemail allows your callers to record their messages directly on screen, and lets you play them back any way you choose: by caller ID, alphabetically or by date.

2 – Call Answering: Your days of hunting through your email or call log for missed calls are over. With an automated answering service, every new lead gets a professional greeting recorded by you or one of your team members. When the right number shows up on caller ID, that message is played back to the customer, who can then choose to have their call returned or sent directly to voicemail.

3 – Voice Logging: When you want to play back messages left by callers, it’s easy with voice logging. You can listen live or review historical logs of missed calls, voicemail messages and faxes all in one place.

4 – More Flexible Extensions: The days of tying phone extensions to specific office locations are over. A new phone system with extensions gives you the power to have each employee on your team anywhere in the world, reachable by an individual extension that extends their presence across all your offices.

5 – Unified Communications: Unified communications means that employees can communicate seamlessly regardless of whether they are inside or outside the office, whether it’s by phone, voicemail or email.

6 – RFID Door Entry: If you are unable to type in a code on your smartphone to enter the office building, an automated access system with RFID entry allows you to simply wave your key fob in front of the door reader and gain immediate access.

7 – Support for all Voice Apps: A new phone system should integrate with all business VoIP applications including telephony, SMS, voice mail and fax.

8 – Flexible Deployment Options: A vendor who provides flexible deployment options will help you choose the solution that works best for your needs. You may want to set up a full-featured office in just one location or have multiple offices distributed over a large geographical area.

9 – Data Integration: A new phone system with integrated data gives you an easy way to connect any PBX application with the phone system to boost productivity and profits. 

10 – Unified Contact Center/CRM Capabilities: A modern business phone system should give you full access to all of your customer data, directly on your phone.

Additionally, you should be able to share access with employees on remote sites, managing all of the data from a single screen for better collaboration.

When combined with an intuitive user interface that’s easy enough for anyone in the office to pick up and use right away without training , these features will give you and your team the power to build stronger relationships with clients.

In conclusion, a modern phone system is an investment in the future of your business. It will boost client interaction and create better efficiency, so you can focus on what really matters: building stronger relationships with your customers and growing your business.