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Business VoIP telephone system solution for real estate agencies

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A letting agency or real estate agency is an interlocutor between the property owner or the seller and the buyer or tenant, these agencies benefit from commissions or transactions, so getting maximum number of business transaction within this industry is really crucial.

Real estate or letting agency businesses range from self-employed agents to large companies. Technologies enhancement make it easier for a small business or large business to give away properties of various range without having a huge investment or infrastructure. This is possible once you consider some factors:

• Dedicated internet connections
• CRM applications exclusively for real estate
• Effective communication technology.

Communication between all of them should be reliable, agile, and precise and that is why telephony is an integral part for real estate agencies, as it is a direct channel for customer service.

How Menetalk telephony system help for real estate?

We explain how Menetalk business telephony system helps letting agencies to:

• Communications should always be available.
• Detailed record of call history.
• Call queue facility
• Improve the virtual presence
• Improve customer service

Clients not being unattended.

Surprisingly, there are still real estate offices where only one call can be handled at a time. If they’re presently on the phone with a customer, the next call will go unanswered. A virtual switchboard solves this problem by providing a line to the firm over the Internet and allowing multiple persons to be on the phone at the same time.

Other times, the issue arises from the lack of a system that picks up the call while everyone is already on the line. This can be resolved by queuing the call and directing it to the first available agent.

Customers can be informed of the current call status.

With VoIP phone systems, you can begin the call with an introductory message. “Thank you for getting in touch with State Real Estate. We’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Before putting the call on hold, this message informs the customer that they have contacted your organisation. It’s also feasible to get information on where you’re in line and how long you’ve been waiting, which can help you reduce call abandonment from potential customers.

Menetalk, business VoIP providers UK give you the best communication platform which enable you to have a seamless and reliable uninterrupted communication system. To get to know more about us visit us or ring us at +44 2037695153.