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Cloud-Based Telephony for Estate Agents

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Technology is also helping estate agents to run their businesses more effectively in a number of areas, including telephony. Here are three important ways that a cloud-based telephony system can enhance an estate agent’s business.

1. Quality of Service and Numbers

By outsourcing your VoIP UK service to the cloud, you will receive excellent quality from your provider and have access to unlimited numbers at no extra cost. The VoIP UK call centre will route all calls for you so that you always appear as though you have multiple offices across the country (even if you only actually have one). This provides good customer experience as potential clients think they are dealing with a company that has local offices dotted everywhere – even if you have an office in their area.

2. Easier to Manage

A VoIP UK call centre provides you with a single, integrated system that is accessible from anywhere. In addition, the VoIP call centre can be used to provide customer service and backup lines for your business. For example, if somebody calls your main number but has to leave a voicemail message, this voicemail message will be uploaded into your VoIP UK mailbox so that it can be accessed at any time – even when the office is closed! You can also access all of your VoIP UK contact details from within one centralised system which means it’s much easier for both employees and customers alike to get in touch.

3. Marketing Potential

Most VoIP UK call centres offer their own forwarding services which can be used for any number of purposes, including advertising your VoIP UK website or different office locations. For example, if you are running a promotion in one part of the country and have an advert placed in the local newspaper to draw customers to that area, this same advert’s VoIP UK number will appear. In addition, you could also use the VoIP UK system for marketing purposes by recording messages from employees on your VoIP UK account which explain more about your company and its services – all these messages could then be played when somebody calls certain numbers. This would obviously allow you to market yourself in a number of diverse ways and promote your VoIP UK business or services to potential clients.

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