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Decoding myths about VoIP by Business VoIP Provider UK

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Today, VoIP is increasingly being adopted by many businesses around the world. As a result, it has positively impacted their communication means. Certainly, it has proved to be a cheaper yet efficient way to handle growing communication needs. However, there has been much doubt about this phone system. This is mainly due to the newness of the technology. Companies who are so used to traditional telephone lines may be a bit unsure about VoIP. Thus, there is a need to bust the myths on voice over IP. In this blog, the best business VoIP provider UK – Menetalk will be decoding myths about VoIP.

#Myth 1-VoIP is complex

VoIP is indeed a new technology. But, it is simple when it comes to its set-up and running. Many think that it takes a long time to get to terms with the system. Firstly, the service provider will fully handle the set-up. All you need is a strong internet connection to keep your system running. Besides, you can enjoy greater features at a low cost as well. Features like call forwarding and conference calls ensure smooth customer service. In addition, if one wants to upgrade their system, they can easily do it without any extra hardware or equipment.

Don’t worry about setting up the connection if you are using Menetalk. Little or no hardware, more software is the attraction point of VoIP service. As the best business VoIP provider UK, we ensure that our customers are well taken care of. For this our support team works 24×7.

#Myth 2-VoIP is costly

Is VoIP going to increase my phone bills? Absolutely no. Not only are the set-up costs low but the calling charges are budget-friendly as well. You can make local and international calls without worrying about high charges. In fact, you can save up to 40% of your monthly phone bills with VoIP.

Have you gone through the packages of Menetalk. As the leading business VoIP provider UK, our prices are very low. Our packages start at £1.64 per month.

#Myth 3-VoIP is not reliable

Wrong! VoIP is one of the most reliable business phone systems. You only need to check the strength of your internet and rest is assured. Further, the call quality has improved over the years. This makes it a great tool for remote work teams as well.

With Menetalk, the top business VoIP provider UK, you don’t need to worry about reliability.

Why should you choose the best business VoIP provider UK for communication?

Menetalk, business VoIP provider UK, offers reliable and scalable cloud-hosted phone system. Our VoIP has uptime of nearly 99.99%. The call clarity provided by out VoIP is unmatchable. In addition, we provide area code specific virtual numbers. This will help in providing a local presence for your business.

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