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Features to look for in cloud telephony – Business VoIP Providers UK

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Businesses are always on the lookout for the best communication system. They consider several factors before choosing a certain system. For instance, is the system cost well within my budget or does it have enough features to satisfy my business needs? Similarly, a lot of questions come when one decides to invest in cloud telephony. Cloud telephony indeed offers a host of exciting features. However, choosing the right cloud telephony service isn’t always easy.

So, here we discuss the top features to look for while investing in cloud telephony. And also the ways to select the best VoIP providers UK.


Cost is certainly the top concern for many businesses. So, one should look closely at all the details regarding the setup and call charges. Also, all the features offered in a particular plan should be noted.

Menetalk, the best VoIP providers UK, offers the most cost-effective phone system. Our plans start at just £1.64/month.

Easy setup

A quick and easy setup is a must feature of cloud telephony service. Besides, this is one of the factors that sets it apart from traditional phone systems. One should be able to set up the service without spending too much time on it. Also, it is important to note other factors. Whether the service needs an external team to set it up, or will your team be able to handle further maintenance?

Well, with the top Business VoIP Providers UK, you need not worry about setup issues.


Both customer and company data are sensitive. Hence, it is important to look at the level of security offered by the platform. Certifications like ISO certification point to the quality of the service. Also, it is important to know how well the service team will be able to handle a security threat or attack.

The cyber security team from the best VoIP providers UK will make sure that all your data are protected.

Why Menetalk, the best VoIP providers UK?

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