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How can I stop business calls after hours? – Business VoIP Providers UK

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There is also an old saying “There is rarely a technological solution to a behavioural problem”, except we do have a solution for this problem – a couple actually….

The staff at big businesses often just go home at home time and can’t hear the phone ringing or email pinging away, but for the start-up or small business owner or it can be a real problem.


This is partly your behaviour and partly your customers behaviour (which often you have or no control over), if you give your mobile home number to people some of them will abuse it, I know it’s 10.30 on Friday night but…. Sound familiar?

If you want or need to be available by phone 24*4 that is your choice, but if you want to have little off, how do you stop the naught customers from actually phoning you but still give the impression you available?


Here’s the clever bit, with modern technology, VoIP you can be that much more flexible, firstly you can have a business phone number (even if you don’t have premises) that is different to your home/mobile number and you decide where those calls go and what times. Here come the best business VoIP providers UK with cloud telephony.

How Menetalk VoIP technologies help you to get rid of business calls after hours?

With our cloud telephony system, you can have your business phone number forwarded to your mobile so you can still be contacted but no-one has your real mobile number. You never require a hardware phone just in your PC or your mobile phone can have your softphone number. You can route your number and can add your extension with different numbers.

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