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How to set up VoIP At Home

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Business VoIP makes it possible to work anywhere, we’ll get you up and running for working from home, no matter whether you prefer VoIP desk phones or VoIP apps. Now working remotely may need to have VoIP telephony system to make the communication more effective. Menetalk is here to help you with that; we are the best business VoIP providers UK makes things possible for effective communication.

Set up your VoIP Hardware

If you’re using any VoIP hardware like a VoIP desk phone that you have brought home with you from Menetalk office, then you’ll want to get this set up first. We recommend plugging the phone directly into your router and directly into power, rather than using another network device in between for PoE or any other reason. Once your phone is happily set up on your network, you can start configuring your network more approximately for your needs. We find though that, at this early stage, simplifying the network as much as possible tends to eliminate the need for troubleshooting down the line, so start by plugging directly into the router. We will guide you as when required.

Check your Network connection

Once your VoIP phone is set up correctly and/or you’re up and running on Menetalk mobile or desktop VoIP apps, any further issues are usually caused by the strength or integrity of your network connection. If you are using our VoIP apps and you’re connected to your network over WiFI, you will run into issues if your connection is weak. If your wireless connection is unstable, it will be near impossible to maintain a high-quality call. If you find any such downtime you may please get in touch with us on our office or email us for quick response and advice.

Enjoy the best and Quality service

You will definitely find this simple and easy because it is as simple as that! You can now set up scalable and reliable VoIP telephony service at your home and can have communication easier without hindrances. Only thing you required is an internet connection, a proper network is the only one main requirement for setting up the VoIP telephony.

If you need a hard phone, we would happy to provide that too, a customized one which can upgrade on your preference.

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