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How VoIP telephony can refuel the travel industry?

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The COVID-19 epidemic slammed into the planet with the intensity of a tsunami crashing into a deserted beach.

For the better part of a year, the world was shut down to try to control and minimise the pandemic’s collateral effect in terms of human deaths. Even now, most countries are implementing localised lockdown policies to resist the virus’ second or third wave.

The travel industry is slowly getting back on its feet, despite the fact that it is still struggling from the pandemic.

The tourism industry is already reopening in partial capacities, despite several challenges such as repeated virus waves, local lockdowns, and shifting air bridge agreements.

In light of this, the travel sector must embrace cutting-edge technical advancements in order to accelerate its recovery. According to consumer surveys, 72 percent of customers would return to a hotel if they received the type of tech-driven services they expected. Minimal physical touch and contactless services have become an automatic requirement from any hospitality service in the post-pandemic era.

Customer accessibility needs to be increased

Only 7% of the world’s total housing facilities (one million) are currently available online for real-time listing and availability checks, property reviews, and booking. The other 14 million accommodations faced fundamental discovery and accessibility challenges, with their reach limited to local markets and maintained by on-the-ground travel agents or simply ‘word of mouth.’ This is a missed opportunity for both hotels and customers.

The lack of an internet presence for these 14 million lodgings has numerous ramifications:

• Pricing rates that are manually regulated,
• There’s no way to see what’s available in real time.
• There are no last-minute or quick bookings available.

So, what’s the answer? Simply put, properties must strive for an online presence, whether through their own hosted web domains or through a popular aggregator like, and in order to do so, they must integrate their internal booking, availability, and payment systems and project them online via appropriate cloud solutions. This will result in a seamless integration of the complete customer journey, from checking availability to booking to paying to resolving complaints to checking out.

Wrapping it up.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, a new normal has emerged. As a result, the post-pandemic travel experience must be rebuilt from the ground up to meet visitor safety and health requirements. It would be nearly impossible to refuel the travel industry’s recovery without these criteria. Menetalk, business VoIP providers UK If you’re a hotelier interested in learning more, give our cloud experts a call at +44 2037695153 or send an email to [email protected] or you visit our website