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How You can Collect and Analyze VoIP Analytics to Improve Your Business?

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Voice over IP ( VoIP ) analytics is the process of gathering data from a phone call to assess and improve customers’ experience.

How You can Collect Data from Calls?

Most VoIP systems come with built-in analytic programs. The program records all incoming and outgoing calls, including:

The date, time, duration, and duration of all calls. The number from which the call was made or received. Name and contact information, if saved in the directory.

How You can Analyze Data to Support End-Users?

The VoIP system gathers basic data like statistics on average call durations. Improved insights are available through the data analytics program, if you have the right tools. Your VoIP provider can help you set up a program to make better use of your data analytics system.

This article provides the analysis capabilities of a VoIP call system based on data gathered from calls over a period of time:

1) Number of Calls Gathered and Response Times

Number of calls: Tools like free call tracking offer small businesses the ability to track data about calls and customer knowledge. This allows you to see how many calls came in, what time of day they came in, how long each call lasted, etc.

2) Calls Abandoned at Each Stage of the Call Flow

If a caller is put on hold for an extended period of time, or if his call is not picked up within a reasonable amount of time, chances are good that he will hang up.

3) Average Call Duration and Average Number of Chances to Reach a Customer Service Representative One way businesses can increase customer satisfaction is to make it easy for customers to get through during normal business hours.

4) Number of Calls Made During Each Hour of the Day

This can show how your employees use their time.

5) Number of Operators Working at Each Time on a Particular Day

This further helps businesses to improve customer service. People who call need to know that they will be able to talk with someone if an urgent need arises.

6) Number of Voicemails Left During Each Hour of the Day

This shows the number of customers who were unable to reach an operator, which can then be used to address this problem in a timely manner.

7) Average Time Operators Spend on Calls

This will further help your staff become more efficient.

8) Number of Agents That Handle Calls at Different Times During the Day

This will help you see which employees are better at handling calls than others.

9) Average Hold Time to Get Through to a Customer Service Representative and Response Time for All Calls Made All Hour-long Every day

This further helps in improving your customer service.

10) Number of Calls Made During Each Hour-long of the Day from Different geographies, Such as States or Countries

This helps you see how far customers are willing to travel to reach your business.

11) Average Lengths of Stay for Customers in Each Room Category and Chances Evoked on Every Call Longer stays show that customers are happy with the products and services.

12) Number of Calls Each Employee Has Made and Average Call Duration for Each Agent

This can help you see which employees are in demand during peak times, as they will have longer average call durations than those who work at other times of day.

13) Number of Calls That Go Straight Through to the Desired Department on Every Call Longer duration of stay indicates that customers are getting through.

14) Number of Calls That Go Straight Through to the Desired Department and Response Time for All Calls Made Every Hour-long Longer response times indicate that waiting times may be too long, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

15) Profile Information of Customers and Chances on Every Call

This can help you determine which customers are more important to your business, whether it is the volume or frequency of calls.

16) Longest Calls from Specific Countries or States That Go Straight Through to Desired Department

Longer call durations indicate that customers are happier with what they have purchased.

17) Average Hold Time from Specific Countries or States and Response Time from Desired Department for Calls Made All Hour-long Longer hold times indicate that customer service may not be meeting expectations.

18) Most Commonly Called Number in Every State or Country on Each Day of Week

This can help you identify the best time to call each customer.

19) Number of Calls from Each State or Country During Each Hour long of the Day This can help you see which times are more important than others for specific callers.

20) Amount of Money Spent on Products and Services Purchased by Different Customers This is particularly useful for online retailers, as it allows them to further customize customers’ experiences.

VoIP analytics and other customer related statistics are essential for growth of a business. These insights in turn improves the overall customer experience and foster innovations within the company. Invest in a business VoIP provider who could satisfy all your company requirements. Partner with menetalk – leading business VoIP providers UK.