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Is Your Traditional PBX Phone System Holding You Back?

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Pbx phone systems were great until cloud providers introduced advanced features, making communication management effortless. Also, the pandemic made businesses realize that their traditional phone systems are pretty limited.

Since you’re reading this, we assume that you are probably not satisfied with your traditional PBX phone system. Don’t worry. You’re not alone; most people aren’t happy with their current systems!

The increase in the adoption of cloud PBX proves this. In 2010, cloud PBX accounted for 4% of the total PBX sales. In 2019, the number increased to 18%.

Many business owners and tech companies believe that using a Cloud-based PBX system is essential nowadays.

The following are the top 10 reasons why Cloud-based PBX phone systems will replace your traditional one: 

1. Full-fledged features for a fraction of the price: You may think that you’re getting more features at a lower cost, but this not necessarily true. The truth is, you’re only getting a few of the advanced features available in cloud PBX providers. If you want to unlock all of its potentials, it will cost you more than just using your legacy PBX phone system.

2. Cloud-based PBX systems are easy to use: Employees usually prefer user-friendly software instead of complicated ones. If it takes them hours to learn and adapt, you’ll end up losing a lot of time and money.

3. Reliable: You won’t need to install or maintain the phone system; that is why cloud PBX providers guarantee 99% uptime (check if they offer a business class plan). Cloud PBX providers are very reliable, whereas traditional PBX phone systems are not.

4. It scales easily: Cloud-based PBX system’s architecture is scalable, making it easy to manage the growth of your business.

5. You can start using it on a trial basis: With cloud PBX providers you get to use their services on a trial basis. You can check if their PBX system will work for you before making any long-term commitment.

6. Mobility: Traditional PBX phone systems are confined to the office whereas cloud PBX providers offer mobility features such as Google voice extensions and softphone apps that extend the functionality of your smartphone and tablet devices, giving you the freedom to make calls through your business phone system.

7. Cloud PBX providers let you easily share your business line with your family members: This can help you save money by making calls over Wi-Fi instead of cellular networks; plus, it helps the whole family stay connected.

8. You get access to incredible features that enhance communication: Cloud PBX providers offer features that are not covered or offered by traditional PBX phone systems. These include call recording, call forwarding to email, website caller identification, voice biometrics, etc.

9. You can access your business line from any device: Just because you’re using the cloud doesn’t mean you have to carry your laptop or smartphone everywhere.

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