You are currently viewing Menetalk, one of the UK’s leading cloud-based telephony and business VoIP providers UK

Menetalk, one of the UK’s leading cloud-based telephony and business VoIP providers UK

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What makes Menetalk VoIP telephony more flexible?

VoIP is the best solution when it comes to flexibility, it can be operated from anywhere you want it to do. No matter you are in the office, working remotely, or keeps on travelling, you can access all the functions of your VoIP telephony system.

VoIP telephony does not require wired connections or any other additional hardware’s, it only needs an internet connection to get connected. You would enjoy the seamless and reliable communication which is an integral part of a business. The more you use VoIP telephony the less you pay, as you would be more tired up of paying more for having a good communication system.

Smaller and start up enterprises might consider on an existing landline or mobile devices for their communication, but in fact, VoIP can enable you to build a strong network among your stakeholders and employees and add value with additional flexibility.

With many features such as call forwarding, call routing, conference calls, call recording, add extensions on a single system with different numbers and so on at a low-cost budget. Saving 50% of your monthly bills is not something bad, moreover, upfront investment costs are low.

When we talk about the necessity of switching to VoIP in Ecommerce industry, there is less chance to lose your customer calls as you can manage each and every call all the time. Without much weight time VoIP telephony feature enable you transfer the call to next available person so that the customer would be much happy with the service you provided. Menetalk VoIP telephony enables you to answer their needs without any troubles.

We see a tremendous growth in the care home sector in the UK but faces many challenges at the same time. Our VoIP telephony system improve the way they run, for the staffs and residents. We offer economic VoIP telephone solution for in resident’s room, that is for them to ring up front-line care staffs which is very easy.

The potential of VoIP telephony in every business is immense which would let you to have a seamless communication in and around your business. For more information, visit us at: or ring us at :+44 2037695153.