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Remote working challenges and VoIP – analysis by the best hosted VoIP providers

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What do you think that separates 2020 from the previous years? In the analysis of Menetalk, the best hosted VoIP providers UK, it is remote working.

Remote working has become the new normal across the globe. It has certainly offered many benefits to companies. A Stanford University study had found that working from home has greatly increased team productivity. It is also a highly cost-saving option as well. They greatly make use of virtual methods to communicate.

However, this remote working has got its own challenges. It is important to understand these challenges. Let us see how VoIP best serves as a solution.

Communication problem

Firstly, it is the lack of proper communication. Proper communication is the need of the hour. Right information should be delivered to the team members. But the problem comes with the various channels now available. There is an app for video calling, another for instant messaging, and another for calling. It, therefore, results in confusion. This in turn results in the dropping of efficiency levels. Employees have to constantly surf between these apps for communication.

With a good VoIP system, you can easily integrate all these business tools. It facilitates quality interaction at low rates.

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Lack of office culture

Remote working indeed boosts the work-life balance of employees. But, it has cut down the real-time interactions between them. Chances for in-person bonding and motivation have dimmed. This is going to affect their work.

However, the unified communication system of VoIP strives to keep up that same bonding between team members. It promotes a flexible workforce culture. With a reliable service from the hosted VoIP providers UK, your office is at your fingertips.

Scheduling problem

A remote and virtual team may contain members from different parts of the world. So, there comes the challenge of scheduling. Not all members may be able to log in at the same time. As a result his can impact the productivity of the team.

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