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Smooth VoIP Integration: Helpful Tips for a Successful Implementation

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Integrating business VoIP phones over the Internet is an easy way to ensure business continuity, manage costs and improve productivity. However, if not implemented properly it can be more of a headache than a help. Here are four tips for smooth business VoIP (Voice over IP) integration:

Use experienced business VoIP provider

When implementing business VoIP all critical elements must work seamlessly together in order to succeed; from your phone system vendor’s equipment to their support team. Like with any other business technology service, the key to success lies with picking a reliable partner that takes pride in personalized customer service and technical know-how. In business VoIP systems, communication is everything so doesn’t scrimp on this crucial element by going with a business VoIP provider that is not really business-focused. Remember, business VoIP should be a business expense, so it’s worth investing in the best technology available for your unique business needs.

Know what you want business VoIP to do before making a selection

When choosing the best business VoIP equipment, make sure you know exactly what each of its features will allow you to do and how much control they will give you over your business phone system. For example, if having an auto attendant or voicemail system is important to your business’ overall operations then chooses one of our business phones with these features already built in. If you are looking for more customization options such as call forwarding then add additional modules at a later date. Before making a business VoIP equipment selection, be sure to figure out what you expect business VoIP to do for your business.

Make business VoIP work for your business

No business VoIP is a one-size fits all solution; each business is unique and has unique needs, so your business VoIP system should reflect this. For example, some businesses may need the phone numbers of their employees to ring on multiple phones when they call in, while others only want the calls of certain staff members forwarded. Having these business specific variations available increases productivity and employee flexibility by allowing them to work from any spot in the office or even remotely via mobile devices or VOIP independent software clients. Carriers with small business divisions understand that business VoIP isn’t a one-size fits all solution and work with business VoIP providers to customize business VoIP for business purposes.

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