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Ten Reasons Why VoIP is Better for Business: Get Ahead of the Game

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It’s easy to get the feeling that VoIP is a dying technology. If you pay attention to the facts, though, it’ll be clear that VoIP will only ever become more relevant for businesses large and small. We think of this as a good thing [VoIP-telephony], which is why we want to share with you the top ten reasons why VoIP is better for business than its traditional predecessor.

Ranging from cost efficiency to real-time communications, here’s our list of the top ten reasons why VoIP is better for business:

1) Reduce telecommunications costs by up to 80 per cent

This may be an obvious one, but its important nonetheless. IT costs can be sky-high over the course of a year. If you’re looking to save cash wherever possible, VoIP is probably your best bet.

2) Offer free calls to other business accounts

It sometimes pays dividends to allow customers or employees to call each other for free; this can also be a great way to make friends outside of working hours. One call in particular (00800) is often reserved for this very purpose by businesses big and small.

3) Voice-mail notifications

One of the most frustrating things about telephone systems in their traditional form is having to listen in on your phone in case someone leaves you a message. The good news is that this isn’t necessary with VoIP, because you can set your phone to beep whenever a new message has been left for you. Never miss another important call.

4) Save on hardware

VoIP products are all the rage these days because they take up less room than traditional telephone systems; not to mention they often have added extras such as voicemail notifications. In fact, the compact nature of VoIP can be a big selling-point when you show customers around your office for the very first time.

5) Consistent quality calls

Here’s one of the most important advantages to VoIP: consistency is key with this technology, because it gives you access to congestion-free networks that are designed to handle multiple calls.

6) Save on time

VoIP has opened doors for businesses in numerous ways; not least of which is the fact that employees don’t have to spend hours waiting at their desks for important calls. VoIP allows you to take your business wherever you go.

7) Easy to use software for employees

With VoIP, there are no complicated systems to learn – which means your employees will be able to pick things up much faster than they would have done with traditional telephone systems. This is important because it means they’ll get more work done and be less prone to mistakes as a result.

8) Better for the environment

It’s bad news for the planet when businesses rely on their phone lines as much as they do, and it seems like VoIP will be able to change all of this: more and more people are realising that VoIP is great for saving on power and the associated costs – actions like these make us think of VoIP in a very positive light.

9) Save on maintenance costs

Traditional telephone systems can be troublesome; it’s not unusual for them to stop working at the worst possible time (for example, when your most important clients are waiting on the other end). VoIP won’t require many repairs as a result, so the money you save here could be put to good use elsewhere.

10) You can have it all

VoIP is great for companies big and small because it’s flexible enough to suit every single company – after all, this technology does a fantastic job of opening doors to a world of new opportunities. The choice is yours.

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