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The Best Ways to Improve Your Business’s Productivity and Profitability with VoIP

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When you start looking into the different ways that a cloud-hosted phone system can benefit your business, it’s best to do so from two perspectives – your employees and your customers. Let’s look at both of these separately, as they each have their own unique benefits for you.

From the perspective of your employees:

1. They can concentrate on what they do best: your employees don’t need to waste their time and energy worrying about how calls get routed through your system and where external callers should be directed. Their only job is to make sure that these phone calls are handled in the way that works best for your business, without all of the hassle of struggling with your phone system to do so.

2. They’re enabled to stay in contact with each other even if they aren’t in the office: while you may still encourage your employees to be physically present at work, having a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system means that they can quickly and easily communicate with each other in a variety of ways even if they happen to be out in the field when need calls.

3. They’re given access to a full range of useful features that save them time and effort: cloud-hosted phone systems come with all kinds of different features, from voicemail to automated attendants. It can be frustrating for employees to have to spend time dealing with these things themselves, as it’s time that could be better spent doing something else.

4. They can make calls outside of your work hours without having to worry about the consequences: if you’ve ever had an employee who has made a few too many personal calls during work hours, you’ll know that it can be frustrating. In a traditional PBX system, this would have made life much harder for you, as your employees wouldn’t have been able to make those calls without going through the costly process of making a call out from their extension.

Cloud-hosted VoIP systems take care of this problem, as employees can make calls from any phone to another phone – regardless of where the other phone is. They don’t need to worry about pin numbers or anything else that they may have needed to do before, which makes it easy for them to adopt a customer-focused attitude towards customers.

5. Employees are able to work more accurately and quickly: employees who are used to traditional PBX systems don’t need any motivation to stay focused on their work, as they know that if they slip up or become distracted it will result in them having to pay the price. Cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems avoid this problem by automating much of the tasks that employees have to deal with, from voicemail to call routing.

This makes it much easier for your employees to work more quickly and accurately, as they don’t need to worry about losing their jobs because of a lack of focus. This is good news for them and the business as a whole – think how many times you may have lost out on a great opportunity because you didn’t have the skilled employees to help you with it.

On top of all of this, your employees can also use their time more effectively, as they no longer need to spend so much of it managing the phone system itself. Instead, they can focus on things that are actually useful for your business, like closing new sales opportunities and providing excellent customer service.

From the perspective of your customers:

1. They can get in contact with you whenever they need to: one of the most frustrating things for a business’s customers is when calls go unanswered or messages aren’t returned in a timely fashion. With cloud-hosted phone systems, you and your customers don’t need to worry about any of this.

No matter when they get in touch with you, your business will be able to pick up the phone and respond to them immediately. This will help your relationship with customers to flourish, as they know that there is always someone who will be getting back to them.

2. They’ll benefit from more efficient and effective customer service: one of the best ways to demonstrate your commitment to providing an excellent standard of customer service is by ensuring that all of your employees are equipped with nothing but the most up-to-date technology.

With cloud-hosted phone systems, your employees will be able to respond to requests from customers much more quickly, as they’ll have access to all the information they need on their computers. This will help customers feel valued and listened to, which is great for your business!

3. They can get in touch with your business even if you’re out of the office: for those of you that do a lot of travelling, or perhaps have some workers out on sick leave, it can be frustrating for your customers when they need to get in touch with somebody and nobody is available.

With cloud-hosted VoIP systems, even if you don’t have somebody available at the time – thanks to features like call forwarding and voicemail to email – your customers won’t be left hanging. They can leave a voicemail or send you an email, which will help them avoid any unnecessary frustration when they need your help.If you are in search of the best business VoIP providers UK, partner with menetalk.