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The Future of Communication: The Value of VoIP in 2021

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In 2021, telecommunication and VoIP software will be valued as an asset to businesses across Europe.

Over the past few years there has been a decline in business communication over traditional methods such as telephone systems and fax technology. This decline is due to the high cost of infrastructure investment up-front coupled with maintenance costs for hardware, software and ongoing landline phone service contracts. These are all issues that can be alleviated with VoIP solutions. A company investing in a new state of the art IP network solution or installing a VOIP system into their current network offering does not have to worry about additional equipment department costs, expensive line rental contracts or any associated security risks that plague old fashioned phone networks (such as eavesdropping on calls). The introduction of the COVID-19 (the coronavirus virus) in Europe has created a shift in business focus from traditional phone technologies to IP networks and VoIP communications.

Key reasons businesses are increasingly adopting VoIP solutions:

Cost savings

There is no need for costly upfront investment into expensive landline infrastructure; instead you can upgrade your existing network with new hardware devices that will connect VoIP servers directly into your current switch or router. These solutions also eliminate expensive line rental contracts, as all communication takes place over the internet which means businesses only pay for what they use. You can even choose pre-paid usage with some of our products which negates any financial risk associated with contract length agreements One of the key selling points, especially in the current economic climate, is that VoIP solutions are cost effective.

Ease of use

VoIP provides a convenient solution for business users who all use different devices and platforms at home to be able to access calls on their mobiles or smart phones from anywhere in the world. Using VoIP means you don’t have to worry about being tied into cumbersome contracts with landline providers as you only pay for what you actually use, making it easy for businesses on a tight budget to operate whilst keeping costs low. Not having to remember multiple telephone numbers can make communication more efficient too with one number tying in with both your business and mobile phones via an online cloud-based call management system allowing to seamlessly transfer calls between your devices.


With the COVID-19 virus affecting thousands of businesses around Europe (and millions of individuals), having a business VoIP solution ensures that you can be assured that making a telephone call will always go through to its intended destination. With a traditional landline service, it was not uncommon in the early 2000’s for companies to experience dropped calls as soon as it started raining heavily or if there was an electrical storm; this is something VoIP solutions have eliminated and IP networks are now more secure than ever before and don’t have any associated security risks that plague old fashioned phone networks (such as eavesdropping on calls).

Where does our company fit into this?

Our experts at menetalk are dedicated to providing businesses with the best solutions for communication technology. We have already helped thousands of business across Europe deploy state-of-the art IP networks and implement business VoIP systems without any associated up-front investment or costly maintenance or line rental fees.

We have also recently developed a new skill called: “VoIP Security” which means that all our products come with a dedicated service desk team and anti-virus software bundled into the solution, so you can be assured that your business communications will always remain safe from hackers and viruses such as the COVID-19 virus which has been a common problem in many countries across Europe over recent years.

With the introduction of our new VoIP security deal we know that our IP network solutions won’t be affected by the pandemic.

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