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Unified Communications – The best way to communicate!

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We have all had that one colleague who always seems to miss the important message, no matter how many times it’s been emailed, messaged or even just shouted down the corridor. Poor communication can lead to poor working relationships and decreased productivity.

Enter Unified Communications (UC)!

How does it help?

Unified Communication is basically a platform for communication from multiple sources that can be brought together and delivered across a range of different platforms. 

Providing better communication is a major bonus in any workplace, but when that communication can be delivered to you when you need it the most from wherever you are, then this is where things get exciting.

Benefits of UC :

1)  Unified Messaging – with your emails and voicemails in one place so there’s no need to check multiple inboxes for important messages.

2)  Instant messaging & presence – know who’s online and available to chat instantly, or quickly find out if someone is busy or away from their desk.

3)  Conference calling – with one click your callers can join a conference call you’re holding on Skype, Google Hangouts etc.

4)  Unified Contact Centre – with your contact center information available across all channels so you can respond to customers quickly and efficiently no matter how they choose to contact you.

5)  Collaboration – work collaboratively with others on documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc., either online or offline, and keep everything in one place.

6)  Unified messaging – email, voicemail & SMS integrated into a single view.

7)  IP voice services for desk phones, mobiles and SIP devices (such as headsets).

8)  Shared calendars – no more double bookings! All appointments and events are readily available to see and make changes where necessary.

9)  Video conferencing – don’t bother with unreliable video equipment, use the tools that are already in place!

10)  File sharing – whether it’s a sensitive document or plans for your holiday pictures conference room can be locked down when you’re not there!

Unified Communications is one of the quickest growing markets in enterprise communication, so there are lots of new advancements, products and applications being developed within the UC space all the time. 

So now that you understand why Unified Communications is becoming increasingly popular, how do you integrate it into your business? 

Well that’s where leading UK VoIP provider, menetalk, steps in.

Menetalk offer Unified Communication as an integral part of their communication solutions and can provide everything from basic PBX telephony services to full blown, fully featured Unified Communications. You can read more about these communication packages on the website