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Virtual Receptionists: An Office Saviour?

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Do you have a small business and feel that you are struggling to manage the workload with your employees? Do you find it difficult to focus on growth? It is important for every company to make investments in technology. A lot of companies fail not because they don’t have the products or services but their lack of ability to execute well.

Working hard all alone can lead your business towards disappointment. That’s where virtual receptionist services come into picture. How can virtual receptionist be helpful for small businesses along with large enterprises?

Benefits of virtual support team for businesses:

1) Improve customer service:

Customer service is one of the most critical aspects as without good customer care, your business will lose its reputation in the market and customers. A virtual receptionist can make the most important difference between a company that succeeds and one that fails. They are trained to make callers feel welcome and valued, no matter how busy you are in your office. They can direct your clients to the right person whenever necessary with their knowledge of your business.

A good example is calling a hotel’s reservation number and talking to an automated service; it doesn’t get any less human than digital voices interviewing you. If you call another hotel, the person picking up will probably ask for your name and details before connecting you directly to someone who deals with your query directly, says Peter Sidebottom, from The Difference Group in UK. “There’s nothing worse than being asked for your details after a long day’s work. It means you are being ‘handled’, it takes time and slows everything down,” he says.

2) Generate leads and improve sales:

In the age of internet, businesses must properly utilize this channel to gain success in the competitive business world. If a customer wants to contact with your company they can directly do online through their website or they can call up on your virtual receptionist number given for each office location. Virtual receptionist services open new sales channels for small businesses by increasing both traffic and conversion rates. In London alone there is over 3 million people living in the capital city which makes them an excellent potential market to sell products and services

3) Increase productivity:

A virtual receptionist can help businesses to focus on what they are good at and free up time for other important tasks. Virtual receptionist will direct your clients to the right person whenever necessary with their knowledge of your business according to your instructions. You can do other management jobs like marketing, sales, product development or research and analysis while keeping a close eye on the overall progress of the company. Being able to delegate important tasks will certainly increase employee satisfaction and also allow you to concentrate in growing your business without being distracted by minor things which it is better may be left for others.

With virtual assistance available 24 hours a day seven days a week, you will have 24/7 access to premium customer service from a knowledgeable, experienced and professional team. In case you have any queries regarding virtual receptionist services UK or require more information please feel free to contact
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