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VoIP features you can expect from Menetalk.

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Menetalk, leading business VoIP providers in the UK specialised in providing business VoIP phone system. Many businesses have already switched to cloud telephony as it costs less when we compare to traditional telephone system.

Now let’s discuss about the features of our VoIP telephony system.

• Advanced call management. This feature enables to manage the incoming calls whether to hold, block or prioritise calls to maintain more quality on incoming calls.

• Anonymous call rejection. This feature enables you to block anonymous and unwanted calls, menetalk by default provides this feature to block or reject the anonymous calls.

• Busy call forwarding. Whenever your line is busy the call can be forwarded to another person or rep so that no calls would be missed.

• Call analytics. Call analytics report gives the analysis of all calls that is both incoming and outgoing calls to monitor the call costs, quality, performance, and the customer experience. This feature is available as default and you may need not spend extra for this feature.

• Call queuing. To reduce long waiting, this feature allows you to organise every calls when there is high volume. This feature is always good for call agents who receives number of calls at a time.

• Call recording. Call recording enables you to record calls whenever you require this feature will allow you to refer back later on and useful to train agents.

• Call transfer. This will enable an agent to transfer their caller from their phone to another department quickly and very easily.

• IVR systems. Customers can use an IVR that is Interactive Voice Response system to navigate through the services you provide so callers need not wait for long with agents. We set IVR as per the requirements of you.

The entire telephony system can be able to installed in your devices like your own mobile phones or office system. If you would like to know much about VoIP telephony features please have a look at Top 3 benefits of switching to a VoIP phone system or visit our website also you can ring us for quick enquiry +44 2037695153