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VoIP Phone Numbers: How to get one in the UK and how much it costs

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VoIP phone numbers are fast becoming one of the hottest technology trends on the market today, with consumers and businesses adopting them en masse. But what is a VoIP phone number? How can you get one in the UK? And notably, how much does it cost?

What is a VoIP phone number?

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol to give it its full name, is a telephone service delivered over the internet, rather than traditional PSTN or ISDN business phone lines. 

As is the case with many parts of our lives, the internet has redefined what’s possible from a telecommunications perspective. In this article we’ll get down and dirty about VoIP numbers in Great Britain. We’ll look at how they work, their pros & cons and discuss pricing models you can expect for them today.

In addition to being addressed on your website, visitors will be able to reach you through your personalised 07953 number by using any SIP-compatible software (softphone). These available for both PC & Mac – you can download them for free.

An alternative method would be via voice calls within an internet browser – this is also achievable by using a specific VoIP plugin.

VoIP numbers in a nutshell

Your new VoIP number will be local to where your business is based, so you won’t have to worry about long-distance charges. In addition, calls from mobile phones are free – so you can run your business from all devices. Also, both incoming and outgoing calls are free if you choose the right business VoIP providers UK.

The downside? Well there isn’t one really except that your service may be limited by bandwidth. However this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re constantly using data-intensive applications at once. For most of us that’s unlikely – particularly if we just work on a laptop or desktop computer alone.

How much does a UK VoIP number cost?

This will depend on the business VoIP service provider you choose. Obviously, prices can vary quite drastically from one supplier to another. It’s worth doing your research and comparing the overall end-cost accordingly before making a decision as it may be an unnecessary expense otherwise.

Here at mentalk we provide phone numbers in Great Britain for as little as £5 per month – so finding the right company certainly won’t break the bank! Please call  us to discuss your requirements with our sales team and obtain a bespoke commercial plan that meets your specific needs.