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A better way to avoid unwanted or scam calls: Switch to Menetalk VoIP Telephony.

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Nowadays, scam calls and unwanted calls are real headache for every business, even though, those numbers are being added Do not call lists as a precaution, it does not work sometimes. Many state agencies recommend switching to VoIP phone system, which has a very high technology to deal those calls.

Menetalk, business VoIP providers UK, provides its customers an advanced cloud telephony service with call blocking technology that ensure no more unwanted or scam calls on your phone. Users will have full control over your phone to customize the call block settings to meet their requirements.

There are plenty of reasons why most of the businesses do not entertain unwanted calls as they spend longer business time for these kind of phone calls.

Make a choice for Voice over Internet Protocol means no longer relying on the public telephone exchange, or PBX. This puts a business phone

What this does is to enable your network to take more security actions based on the identity of the number that is calling it, following a set of call management definitions. This will then route calls through a specific extension, where the calls are noticed as being welcome, you can route them to specific extensions such as sales or customer services or any required service as you wish. However, where the calls are not necessary for you, the system can block them. The call routing ID module of VoIP manages this system, letting users filter out nuisance numbers by entering certain prefixes or entire phone numbers, which the system will identify and prevent from going any further.

One of the most irritating things about getting nuisance calls is a sense of not having control. VoIP allows users of business phone networks to take control over, screen, and restrict calls, and to get control of their business telephone costs.

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