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Complete Your Digital Presence With Virtual Phone Numbers

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The growth of virtual phone numbers doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon, and for good reason. While regular local numbers can work well depending on your goals, in some situations using a virtual number is the best choice you could make. Virtual phone numbers are growing in their appeal because they open up so many new opportunities to expand beyond location-specific boundaries, without the loss in regional accessibility that is common with other IP-based communication methods.

If you’re unsure whether to use a virtual phone number, here are some of the most compelling reasons why it’s worth your consideration.

1) Anonymity – For business owners who prefer to keep their personal information out of public records or protect their privacy during sales outreach efforts or job searches, a virtual phone number can help keep communication discreet.

2) Avoiding Problems – It’s not unheard-of for a small business in a particular area to have issues with inbound calls from unfamiliar numbers, either because of the volume of inquiries or for other reasons. Virtual phone numbers can be used as an easy way to avoid this problem altogether by ensuring that location won’t influence your ability to receive phone calls.

3) Additional Business Lines – In addition to avoiding problems, virtual phones are also great when you need separate lines for customer service and sales efforts. Without physical locations tying down your telephone lines, it’s possible to maintain dedicated lines for each department without the added cost or headache of running multiple physical telephone systems simultaneously.

4) Offering 24/7 Service – It’s easier to appear available around the clock when you don’t have physical business hours that are tied to a particular location. Instead, your virtual phone number can continue being reachable whether you’re across town or on the other side of the world.

5) Greater Accessibility – If you do business in an area with spotty cell coverage, virtual numbers allow people to contact you using their regular phones without running into any problems related to low signal strength.

6) Personalization Options – Virtual phone numbers also give your company more options for personalizing communication, since they can be set up with custom greetings and dedicated forwarding lines for specific departments or staff members. Virtual phone numbers are perfect for small business owners who want to expand the number of ways they can customize their own digital presence.

7) Improved Customer Service – All things being equal, customers are more likely to contact a business that has easy access to 24/7 phone support if there’s ever an issue with your products or services. Providing this level of service makes your company look professional and well-organized compared to companies that don’t provide it, which is why virtual numbers are springing up everywhere. Even Skype now provides virtual phone numbers for its users.

8) International Reach – If you regularly conduct business internationally, virtual numbers will allow you to choose exactly how your telephone numbers appear in different countries for greater control over brand presentation.

9) Cost Efficiency – Using virtual phone numbers instead of physical lines can reduce overhead costs, at least in some cases.

10) Great for Call Tracking – Some of the most popular uses for virtual phone numbers are related to call tracking. Businesses that want the ability to know the location of their callers without being tied down to a specific locale can find an abundance of benefits here, since it’s possible to get all kinds of information on your calls without ever having to answer them if you choose not to do so.

You don’t have any reason not to consider using a virtual phone number for your own business. Virtual telephone systems are flexible new tools that are quickly gaining ground with small business owners who regularly run into issues where physical location prevents them from effectively reaching out to new customers.

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